Re-Roofing Specialists

Re-roofing entails removing your existing roof cladding, whether it's tiles, asbestos, decramastic tile or old galvanised iron, and replacing it with new roof sheeting in either Zincalume or Colorbond (Galvanised iron is available for Heritage Buildings). Colorbond has many colours to choose from to really give your home a lift or get a smart looking Zincalume roof or even mix and match the two with a Zincalume roof and Colorbond gutters and downpipes. Whichever option you choose, you know the result will be fabulous. A re-roof will greatly improve the aesthetic look of your home and very possibly the value also.

The first step toward your new roof is for you to contact us to arrange a quote. We will send our Qualified Tradesman out to inspect the property and measure it for a new roof. This will also give you the opportunity to discuss your needs and have any questions answered.

Following this inspection and using the exact roof measurements (not just an estimate), your quote will be put together. There will be NO hidden extras and options can be listed if you are unsure of exactly what roofing material you would like to choose. You may choose to have Anticon Insulation or Whirly Birds installed with your re-roof. Your quote can be emailed, faxed or posted to you however a copy will always be sent to you by mail regardless of your delivery choice. If you are thinking about Colorbond yet are unsure of which colour to choose, a colour chart can be provided at this time.

Once we receive your signed acceptance of our quote, we will then arrange a date to commence the work.

The next step is carrying out the work! The existing roof is taken off in manageable sections to ensure that your home is weather proof for the duration of the work. Insulation and any other extras are installed at this time and then any ridge cappings, flashings and valleys are the final step to ensure your roof is water tight before our team leaves your property.

The final step is for you to stand back and enjoy your new roof – the look of it and the knowledge that you are not going to have any leaks to worry about for an extremely long time.

Benefits of an iron roof include;

  • Deterrent to intruders (much harder to access than a tiled roof)
  • Light weight when compared to a tiled roof which reduces the load on the supporting structures of the building.
  • Flexibility allows for design freedom from traditional straight roof sheeting to curved roofing designs
  • Strong and durable – made for the Australian climate
  • Helps to make your home more energy efficient
  • 20 attractive colours to choose from
  • Weather tight (when installed to manufacturers specifications.

Gutters and Downpipes Replaced

New gutters and/or downpipes can improve the look of your home and assist with water collection efficiency. If your current gutters have more holes than metal, it may be time to look at replacing them. There are many different profiles of gutters and downpipes can be round or rectangular with many sizes and colours available.

Anticon Insulation Fitted with Re-roofs

Add thermal performance to the style of a metal roof. Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, a metal roof can be a stylish statement. But for performance as well as looks, the inclusion of roofing blanket (Anticon) insulation can have a dramatic impact on the comfort level of your home.

Anticon combines two very effective forms of insulation into a single product for maximum performance. Anticon consists of a glasswool blanket adhered to a reflective foil facing. The foil acts as a barrier to reflect up to 95% of radiant heat entering your roof cavity while preventing condensation. The blanket absorbs outside noise and slows the transfer of heat into and out of your home.

All new homes in Australia are required to meet minimum standards of energy efficiency. Anticon comes in a range of R-values so, no matter where you live, there's a system to suit your needs.

Benefits of Anticon Insulation

  • Provide thermal insulation to give you a more comfortable home all year round
  • Reduces rain and aircraft noise
  • Prevents condensation forming under the roof metal
  • Reduces loads on air conditioning and heating saving you money on energy costs
  • Helps to retard the spread of flames in the event of a roofspace fire
  • Reduces 'metal-creep' which causes creaking noises as temperature changes
  • Meets the highest Australian insulation standards
  • Low Allergen

Insurance Work

We have carried out many roof repairs and re-roofs for insurance companies. If you have an insurance claim for your roof, contact us and we can provide you with a quote and even deal directly with your insurance company or loss adjuster to take away some of the inconvenience from you that insurance claims can cause.

Specialised Heritage Work

It's no secret that Heritage Buildings require specialised work, but not everyone has the ability to carry out such work.

After replacing unusual curved guttering and fixing the roof on an iconic National Trust Perth building, Peter's photo is shown with his work in the magazine produced by the National Trust entitled; Trust News Australia Volume 2, No 1, February 2010 (page 14). Peter's work was also complemented by the National Trust's Architect in a separate article.

Our tradesman can work with many facets of heritage roofing, whether it is galvanised, lead, curved guttering and much more.

Please contact us to discuss the requirements of your Heritage building.

Whirly Birds

Whirly Birds (also known as roof ventilators) extract heated air from your ceiling and replace it with fresh air which provides an effective cooling system. How do they work? As the wind blows, the turbines turn and suck air out of the roof cavity.

Benefits of Whirly Birds

  • Whirly Birds lower the temperature of the roof space which in turn reduces the amount of heat that is radiated into the home.
  • With the roof space temperature lowered, ducted air conditioners will operate more effectively – this can reduce your energy bill.
  • Your insulation slows down the heat transfer between the roof space and the living space in your home, but on a hot day heat can still build up. The Whirly Bird extracts this hot air out, replaces it with fresh air, thus helping your insulation work more effectively.
  • The moisture drawn into the roof space through bathroom and kitchen fans can create mould and mildew. A Whirly Bird can help maintain a dry atmosphere by drawing this moisture out.

Product and Workmanship Guarantees

We back up all of our work by offering both product and workmanship guarantees. We only use high quality Bluescope Steel which is backed by their manufacturer's warranty of up to 30 years! When you receive Zincalume or Colorbond products, you can identify that the product is genuine by finding the Colorbond, Zincalume or Lysaght branding on the rear side of the product.